Hello to all UG members, I would like to promote my modern death metal band "Reanimate"
Feel free to check out our facebook page:

Also check out our promo video for the release of our debut self-titled EP coming out in December 2012:

Like a phoenix rising from it's ashes, Reanimate is a project that took form from the remains of the project "On Fertile Ground".
The story starts back in 2007, when Mark started creating his own songs, and gave them form with his best friend Chris. Soon
more members were introduced and the band began to take shape, as well as a name. A few years into the future, while the band
had gained experience playing live and saw lots of members come and go, the members at the time (Moas, Dimos, Mark and Alex)
decided they should record their first professional album, an idea that came to life in 2011 when the band came in touch with
producer Nick Michalodimitrakis. The recording sessions were coming to an end when the band dismembered seemingly forever
due to personal differences. It took a lot of time for Moas to convince Mark into revitalizing the project and finishing what they tried
so hard for the past years. Sure enough, Mark decided to give it a shot and a few vocalists later Mark decided to take matters into his
own hands, taking the role of lead singer in the band and rewriting all the vocal parts for their record. All these events led to the present
form of the band which consists of Moas on the drums, Dimos on the bass guitars, Nick on guitars and Mark on vocals and guitars.
And so here we are, after a year of slumber the "Reanimate" project is finally coming to an end, awaiting the release of their debut
extended play record in winter 2012, and it's going to be legen.... wait for it!

Thanks for the support!!