First of all I'd like to know how are the Ibanez.
I mean, reading posts in the net I found every kind of opinion on the brand, usually totally different opinions: from the guys pretending Ibanez to be the best guitar you could ever choose, to who thinks that buying an Ibanez would be a total waste of money...who's right?

I found in a shop near my house 4 Ibanez that I like for more or less the same price, in your opinion which one is better between EGEN8, RG920QMZ, RG870QMZ and RG1570Z?

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RG1570Z probably, but you should pick the one that you like the most.

The only person that can make that judgment on whether it's going to be worth the money is you, since you can try them yourself.

Personally i like Ibanez, they have nice tight quality control for the money, although they aren't as good value as they used to be.
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Your friend who thinks Ibanez is a waste of money isn't a big Gibson fan?

Actually I dunno, I know he loves Schecter...he said Ibanez quality is low, but on other sites I read that Ibanez are amazing, so he shouldn't be informed.
I'll surely at least try them.

Why do you think 1570Z is better of, for example, the 920QMZ?
They are very similar but for the slightly different bridge and the pickups. Beacuse the first one is Prestige intead of Premium? I've read that Premium and Prestige quality are very similar if not the same.
How are the 1570Z's pickups? I've never heard them before.
The EGEN8 is rubbish.
Also yes, Prestige is better than Premium, at least in terms of general build quality. Also, the bridge on Prestige Ibanezes will last longer and hold tuning better than the ones generally found on Premiums and below.
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Ok thanks, this was one of my greatest doubts about those guitars.
And I was almost sure about the EGEN

Anyway, another doubt, how is the RG1570Z bridge? I've read discordant reviews about it, some pretending it to be better than the OFR and others (again) saying it's disappointing. What's the truth? How is it when palm muting (with the licensed FR I have on one of my actual guitars when I palm mute it always goes out of tune)?
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other than the EGEN, they're all pretty good. the pickups in the prestige are better, as is the bridge. also, the prestige is a better built guitar.

that being said, I actually bought an 870QMZ maybe 5 months ago. It wasn't quite as good as the prestige I compared it to, but it was- in my mind- good enough for what I needed. The pickups are pretty lousy, but the bridge is actually quite decent even with reasonable abuse. It's all about playing them and seeing if the prestige is worth the extra money for you.

as far as your buddy- to each his own. I don't like schecters. at all. everybody will like or dislike different guitars for different reasons.
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I've got a Ibanez Premium RG870QMZL. It's an affordable top spec guitar. It's currently used everyday as I'm studying a 3 year music degree and it's gigged often too. I guess you could call it a work horse. I would recommend buying a premium if you want value for money, but it depends on what feels right to you. I've got a friend who prefers Schecter to Ibanez. Just buy what feels comfortable to you
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Actually I dunno, I know he loves Schecter...he said Ibanez quality is low, but on other sites I read that Ibanez are amazing, so he shouldn't be informed.
I'll surely at least try them.

I'd smack your friend with a tuna fish for such falsities. Even their non-premium/prestige models are rather nice (the Indonesian made ones). Sure, they're not as good as the Japanese ones, but still good.

The Prestige Ibanezes are great. A lot of pro players use them :P
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Ibanez has good and bad guitars, just like many other companies.
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Ibanez makes a very solid guitar so does Schecter. I think what your friend said is a tad wrong through, I just bought one of the lowest end models Ibanez makes and it is very solid, and I've played Schecters of various qualities and both have their ups and downs. If you sit there and look at them you can find a good Ibanez, just like you can any brand, if you buy a model with a good feel/fit for you, you will be happy.

Sorry I can't give model help, they are usually pretty good at the upper end just due to my own preferences I haven't looked at them.