Mellow words cant speak of which
Tainted minds that cant resist
Uttered lies that creep within
To blind a truth we cannot live.

Drinking Chardonnay and wrote this little interlude/solo bit. hope ya diggs. http://soundcloud.com/adrian-orellana/breathez

If you like this bit, you can check out my soundcloud page over at http://soundcloud.com/adrian-orellana mind you I dont have the best recording rig by any means but Im working on getting my setup at home. I have an Asus X54C series and running a Presonus usb audiobox running through a line 6 spyder solid state combo. I use reaper right now because rent is high and I cant afford a good program atm. Figured Id save up for a line 6 HDPRO to run my tone for now.

If anyone knows where I could find a good drum software for download relatively similar to ezdrummer that would be of great help. Thanks
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Hey Adrianore19

heh pretty cool solo ; ) together with the rhythm part it really gave it a warm tone, kind of reminded me of when the sun is coming down = ) love the delay . great job man,I can't wait until this is complete would love to hear the full thing = )

if you would
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Too bassy, the clean rhythm should be a bit more mid focused. Sounds okay overall though, the progressions are very good.

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