Hey guys, My name is Jacob and I'm new to ultimate guitar. This topic is not an intro as such but more of an opportunity for veterans of UG to offload their experience or possibly even rant about the problems of UG; specifically in newcomers.

I've been looking for a guitar / music based forum for a while and finally decided to settle on UG knowing probably it's one of the most resourceful and stable. My question to you is, what do I need to know as a newcomer?

I'm aware that they're are loads of pinned topics with FAQs and things of that nature but I want to hear it from the people, what does it take to actually fit in here?

Every forum has it's own subculture of things what not to do and little inside jokes only regular users will understand etc so what advice can you give me as a potential regular user of the site and secondly, what do you hate in newcomers so I can hopefully avoid it.
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Just lurk before you post, you'll get the picture.


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