Still Life With Umbrella
after Jean Hélion

The widow doesn't believe
what she has become; nothing
was wrong. The arrangement of things
as if you'd never gone,

and her plans hang in the space
beneath the cieling, fill the vents
with the faintest shafts of light—

She hears footsteps now,
shoes stumbling down the hall
catches her breath as they near,

says your name to herself,
but he doesn't stop
and when a door that isn't her own
clicks shut she asks you
"Hello?" and though you don't reply,
looks at the mess you left behind
and doesn't feel alone—
Is that still life? Is that still life?
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Whale Blue Review

Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
I feel like this has a more important meaning that I can understand, but I still think it's beautiful. Totally digging it.
lovely. your images are very clear. it could be longer, even.
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