I am the face of misery
my life, a dissonance of autumn and spring
the years are written in the same
Lugubrious, nostalgic grey
how can it be the author to blame?
I can't scream this all away...
I wear the deepest crown of shame

no words of hate
no words of hope
Do I have any friend to send to me
the sordid mistake of Thebes
Caught in the longest nightmare
the slowest death
yes, I know it's me...

If it must be...
Then just kill me
(Antigone) sing me out of reality
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) I don't want this name
I hate to be this way
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes
This is me,

But The suffering
None I resent
At the end of the darkness
Stood a light, s glimpse of your star
Anam Cara