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hope this is the right forum

I am looking for better then average books/dvds that cover every part of acoustic/electric guitars and how to fix them. From scuff marks, to setting up a guitar, to finding out different guitar types.

I want to purchase a guitar, but have no place local to setup the guitar for me when I get it, let alone knowing which guitar is right for me.

So I figure I will do a lot of research and learning before i make a purchase whether it is a $90 guitar or an $1000 one. Just would like the knowledge to fix or deal with problems as they arise.

I have a ibanez grx20 that I can practice working on, some of the wood broke off behind the nut, the strings are touching the frets and i assume the neck is not right as the previous owner said he messed with the truss rod.

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StewMac.com has all kinds of books, how to videos and tools.

You can get lots of information on youtube for free. Thats how I learned about certain things.
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The "Guitar Player Repair Guide" by Dan Erlewine available from Stew Mac is a good start. It shows how to setup repair and maintain electric and acoustic guitars. A great book for any guitar player, repairer, or builder.
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thanks for the info both of you

i will check out that book, that is one I had my eye on.

as for youtube vids, i mean they are helpful that you can see what the person is trying to explain, but how knowledgeable is the person making the vids?I guess I can buy the book then just use youtube vids as visual reference.
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the youtube user FruduaTV is a luthier and despite the funny accent has a decent set up videos regarding basic setup (intonation/string height/etc..). He doesn't just show you how to do it but gives an explanations as well.