TL;DR: Where to get good quality pots in the UK?
What values to go for?
What Caps?
on/off switches for each pickup

Hey guys, i made a thread a while back about doing up my Hollowbody (a Hutchins Regal) and have found a luthier who looks to do some pretty good work, so i thought i'd get him to do the wiring as i don't trust myself to do it!

Basically, i just need to know all the bits i need to replace the existing cheap Chinese circuitry, i'm keeping the pickups, but my main problem now is the mis-wired tone controls.

Here's an old picture of it:

So it's three pickups, with three volumes and three tones, three one/off switches, where is the best place in the UK to get all the pots?
What type of pots do i need for volume/tone?

I also wanted to change the wiring, to have 3-vol, 2-tones (neck and middle probably) and one master bass-contour (which i think needs a 1M pot), basically a passive bass roll off like on a Reverend or some G&L guitars.

Im guessing i need 500k pots for the vol/tone, do i want linear or audio taper?
I'm going to go for CTS as they seem to be the standard high quality. Is no-load worth it?

I'm also going to need new on/off switches for each pickup.
Finally, what should i go for in terms of capacitors?

I'm a bit of a noob with guitar wiring, pedals i'm better with...
But a diagram of how this guitar would be wired up would also be helpful, saves the luthier having to work it out himself

Thanks for any help.
I'm also gonna get a new Tremolo, tuners and nut if you have any recommendations!
I was just going to go for a Bigsby B7/B70 (price dependent), and Graphtech Tusq XL. Tuners i'm not too sure on yet, due to size.
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