I have recently bought an 1973 Jolana Iris from Czechoslovakia.

Its previous owner found it in his attic, but did not need it, so we made the deal.

The pickups weren't working, the wiring looked awful, and the paintwork had many problems. Here's a photo how it was:

I decided to rebuild it. Me and a friend re-painted it and then I ordered two IronGear Pig Irons, a Tele wiring kit, new machine heads and string nuts. We made the scratchplate on our own!

Few weeks later it became complete, here it is .

Sounds amazing, I love it!
Man, that's a seriously cool guitar. I can feel the mojo from here!

You and your friend did a great job. HNGD
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very cool looking guitar. there's something about weird telecasters (and copies) that just screams awesomeness.
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Yeah, but all these guitars made in the 60's and 70's in the socialist countries are kinda interesting. Check out the other Jolanas, or the ones made in the USSR. Well, they are really unique!
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