I've read through a lot of forums discussing the pros and cons between these two pickups but they are all relative to their guitars.

I've using a guitar with a ebony fretboard, mahogany body, a maple neck, and a floyd rose.

I've heard that the Invader is a better rhythm pickup, and it is dark sounding muddy, but I have an invader installed in the bridge of my Ibanez RG with a maple neck, bound basswood fretboard, basswood body with a flamed maple top, (350 dosllar guitar), and I didn't find it muddy sounding, and I like the leads a lot,

but, of course I haven't heard the distortion,

Which pickup would be better for my bridge position, considering my guitar's wood,

And also, which pickup is warmer sounding, hotter even (not necessarily higher output but sounds hotter)? Tighter bass? Better leads? etc

Thanks everyone in advanced for replies!
what sort of amp are you using? without knowing that, we can't give any answer at all.

also, hotter pickups are higher-output pickups. that's what hotter means. what exactly are you trying to describe there?
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I'd go with the Distortion. The Invader is a very dark sounding pickup so i don't think it would be a good match with mahogany.

You should check out the Seymour Duncan forums too, you'll get lot's of good advice over there.
The SH-6 is a far better pickup IMO.
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Thanks guys,

I'm mostly using my guitar with Amplitube 3 and JamVox III, which models a bunch of different amps, but I do have a Roland Cube 30x and 60, both solid state, I don't own any fancy tube amps yet.

And my hotter, I mean that I'm looking for a pickup that sounds warm, like tube amps sound "warm" compared to solid state amps.

Singing and thick distorted lead and rhythm tones are important to me, but I also value a clean tone immensely, and I prefer the clean tones of bridge pickups, they seem to give a bit more of an airy tone with more treble they sound less muffled and more three dimensional I suppose.
Never played an Invader, but I have a set of Distortions in a hardtail, basswood body, maple neck, rosewood board and previously, in an alder body with maple neck and board and floyd rose and a basswood, maple neck, rosewood board with a floyd. I can't recall how they were in the basswood with Floyd, it's been over a year. In the alder bodied, I was never satisfied with them. How they sit now, there's absolutely no clean at all. They even hit a solid state set up with no gain so hard it can't do cleans.

Typically though, the singing and thick leads are through a neck pickup, and a thicker rhythm through the bridge.

If you're absolutely set in having either of these pickups and are doing the install yourself, what I suggest is to take the Invader from your Ibanez and put it in the guitar that you're picking a pickup for and try it out, keeping in mind that smoother leads tend to be on the neck. Obviously, if you like it, go with that, if not, I would recommend something other than a Distortion since cleans are important.
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I actually like the sh-8 over the sh-6. I had a sh-8 in a Schecter 006 elite and loved it. It will do cleans....just turn down your volume dude. I usually ran the sh-8 at about 6-7.

I have a sh-6 in a Hamer Californian 27fret ( I know its a different wood) But it does not have enough bite at max volume. The sh-6 seems weaker than the hb102 duncan designed I pulled out. But the sh-6 sounds fuller, more wider frequincy response.

Both seem pretty bass heavy to me. Just that the sh-8 had that extra push at 10 and sustained longer and had stronger pinch harmonics.

But I also had the sh-8 further away from the strings too to prevent string pull, They have a really really strong magnetic field.

I will be switching out the sh6 for the sh-8 eventually since I never play the Hamer because of the sh-6
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I actually like the sh-8 over the sh-6. I had a sh-8 in a Schecter 006 elite and loved it. It will do cleans....just turn down your volume dude. I usually ran the sh-8 at about 6-7.

Hmm I never had any problems with the Invader with the cleans, and I never had to turn the volume down. So you're saying that the Invader is better?
Invader sounds so muddy and unpleasant, imho.
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Quote by jeleopard
Invader sounds so muddy and unpleasant, imho.

What guitar wood, amp etc. were you playing them with? Just so I know what to avoid XD
Well you like it in your RG so I think you will like it.

IMHO it is way better for me. I play clean, do jazz,fusion,70s rock 80srock,metal ,thrash. tune down to B. That sh8 handled all that very well. I sold that guitar to fund some BKP. It sold pretty quick and coverd the BKP,install and some other stuff. I like the BKP a lot but really miss that 006 elite with the sh8 even though it was worn(frets,buckle rash ect). Should have just got a 59/sh8 for the guitar I put the BKP in and kept the schecter. the schecter was a mohog body/neck rosewood fret board string thru.

I also think FR guitars need darker pups to help out whats lost in a trem setup.
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I guess I was confused, I thought you had 2 guitars and liked it in one and wondered if it would be good in another.

If you like the sh8 the sh6 wont have enough balls.
What the hell!!!