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Is there some book which can take me through the different scales and how to sight read them and play them. I went through the early Hal Leonard Guitar Theory books and they stop at D. How to go further.
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Not quite sure what you're asking, but you really don't need to sight read scales. Scale shapes are moveable. In other words, learn the G major pentatonic on the 6th string and you can move it all over the 6th string and it works.

If you're still looking for a scales book written in standard notation, you might want to consider Total Scales Techniques and Applications, by Mark John Sternal. It assumes you already know how to read the treble clef, but also includes tab.
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I want to learn how to read treble clef, with tab, I guess. I was wishing for something with songs in the key as well so I could practice in various keys. But. yes, that book sounds good. Thank you.
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Really there are two main steps to this:

1 - Learn the notes of the fretboard. You can find this information just about anywhere.
2 - Learn to read sheet music. I think the main part of this is going to be making sure you don't pick up a book on music theory that says "for guitarists" on it. Most things specifically for guitarists usually work in shapes and tab and so on, not worth it. You need something that has real theory in it.
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