So, hello, I'm the new guy around here, the n00b, the new kid, the laughing stock, the target of trolls, you name it. But what can you do?

Let's get down to bussiness. I'm looking into getting a new guitar, my old Squier doesn't suit my tastes really, and what are those? Yeah, i'm just another metalhead.

So i'm looking for a guitar suited for metal, and a friend is selling a BC Rich Warlock "Platinum Pro" and i've been reading about it/listening to people playing it and getting (obviously) mixed opinions. Do you guys think it's a good guitar for just under 400€? I've seen both alot of praise and hate aimed towards both the brand and the model itself.

While i'm mainly planning to be playing death/black/doom metal with it i also might someday decide i want to play some...let's say, blues, jazz, prog rock, shoegaze, punk, you know, something else, something softer...you got to leave your own comfy little corner once in a while to get some fresh air, y'know. Will it do okay? It's obviously made for metal, but i'd like a versatile guitar whenever i put my money into one, because i'm no collector and pretty poor too.

And what is the difference between a Warlock "Platinum Pro" and a "Bronze" one, for instance? I find the lack of information about this disturbing; even the BC Rich website doesn't give alot of info regarding this. Obviously it sounds like the Platinum Pro is of higher quality than the Bronze version, but i don't know shit, like i said.

Share your opinions, is it worth the near 400€ price tag? Should i demand a lower price? Should i get it at all; and if so, what brand/model do you recommend? I'm at most going to put 400€ into a guitar, maybe 500-600€ but then it has to be special (and i'd also have to save up a bit more to be economically safe).

One guitar i read about got good feedback here on UG is the Ibanez SZ520, it looks good, sounds good from what i've heard too...but i don't know the price tag, and the reasoning for maybe buying the Warlock is ease of access really...i don't trust buying guitars from sites like eBay and guitars in stores often cost a bit more than getting them second hand.

I don't also care much about the looks, obviously it has to look good, but it's not in any way an important factor for me. When reading about the Warlock i get alot of "It looks like shit", please don't bring that up, any help is nice, but please keep it on the technical side.

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Apparently BC Rich has let their quality drop dramatically, especially with the cheap models.
For 400EUR which is around $500 you can get an . They are versatile, great looking and sounding guitars, not so sure about the quality as I have never played one, but I'm sure the other UG'ers will say something.

EDIT: Anything Ibanez is a great guitar. If you want you could get the SZ520.
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Thanks for the fast response; i'll check it out.

Thread is still open for suggestions. I'm going to get some sleep soon so will check back tommorow morning.
I'm back. I asked a friend who has played guitar far longer than me what he thinks, and he said in the price class i'm looking for (350-450&euro, that i should rather buy a BC Rich over a Ibanez, but then recommends ESP LTD's in that price class saying the quality is better than most other brands low-mid guitars.

Ofcourse not sure if he is biased or what, but hey who isn't? I'd like some more info regarding the quality of certain brands/models. I know i'm not putting much money into a guitar right now, but i'd like to get that one guitar that is really worth the little money i am using.
I recently bought LTD EC-256, costs around 300-400€ and it's a very good guitar for it's price. It's very versatile and will handle some heavier stuff and even that funk/jazz/blues whatever you want because of the coiltap. Take a look at these if you haven't already!
I second the LTD EC-256. It might not be a monster metal axe, but it's versatile as f*ck, and there's less chance that you'd regret buying it after a few years. Also looks classy. I'm pretty sure it'll handle metal pretty well(although they are "not so massive" output pups)

I know a few people who sold their B.C. Axes after a few years because they got into the blues and started liking jazz, funk, etc, more.

Though if you do insist on buying an "exclusively metal" axe, I'd suggest checking out epiphone explorers, and this one: (looks methul, but pups are standard "gibby" ones)


And AFAIK, there are also Epiphone prophecies with Gibson Dirty Fingers which have higher output.

Good luck
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I got to test the BC Rich for a week, it doesn't seem to be bad really, a few minor bruises on the paint but they can hardly be seen anyways, but the amp i have is really shitty; going to test on a friend who has some better equipment to give the guitar itself a better judgement.

It also does have an okay clean sound, even on my amp, but didn't sound all that good on my amp when going "heavy". Is this a sign that it's bad or could it just be the amp? I mean my amp is a shitty Fender Frontman 15W that i got with my Squier. I do know that amp's make a huge difference. ANYWAY, going to go to my friends and test it out like i said.

But yes, i asked my other guitar friend and he said that LTD's are really good value for money when you're talking about the ones at 300-400€. I might go to the local store to see if they have any and then test them out, perhaps.

Anyone else want to share their opinions on other guitars, especially LTD's, seeing how alot of people reccommend them at 400€?
Also, do you guys know any good amps for around 200€? I've heard Marshall or Line6's are a good choise. Any reccommendations?
I wouldn't pay anywhere neer that for the BC Rich.
I don't personaly like Ibanez, but I would take one (in your budget) over thet BC Rich anyday.
Like said, look at the LTD models (bang for buck)

Peavey vyper 30 is a good beginner amp that sounds much better than L6 spiders or Marshall MG's. If you can find a used Line 6 Flextone combo for your budget go for that. They are great amps and were one of Line 6's best combo series IMO.
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