After last week's topic about trying to start a trip to buy a cheap used guitar I made it up to my local used instruiment store, and started looking and playing (coming up with 100 is actually not hard when you work full time and your tax rebate appears in the mail ).

I had sat down and played a few including a horrid bronze mockingbird, and a V that looked like a more extreme version of the Loomis V (read the horns inside the fins were bigger and more extreme). I finally sat down with what will most likely be the final two. I will not have an amp for a while, so pups and all that don't matter right yet, just playability.

1. An Ibanez Gio RG, neck isn't as thin as a normal RG (I think) comes in black or silver I would most likely go silver $90

2. Epi V, shaped more like an RR style V with an explorer headstock, very nice looking and sleek, feels more like a Jackson then an Epi. $100

Pros and Cons:
Gio: Its a basic super strat and feels good, with not a ton of character damage, unique looking, fairly good feel overall. String through with a tele style bridge is my only complaint, just not a huge fan of that style.

Epi: Unique look from a Gibson Epiphone I would actually consider Gibsons if they put these into major production. This looks like a Jackson knock off, but is an Epi, its a string through with a TOM which is more my preference. The only thing is its hard to differentiate from the guitar it looks like its trying to knock off, and at least on the stools at the store it wasn't super easy to sit with (though I know from owning an explorer shape before its easier on flat floor).

There is only a $10 price difference so nothing huge there, and we are getting back on our feet I just need a stop gap to play until my taxes come in and I can get something better (and some sort of amp). On the plus side we don't owe rent until February now.

I'm just looking for helpful hints on which of these will be a better for a time just so I can play.
Which Gio is it? Do you know the specific model? They make a ton of different ones.
Not sure of any model number, I'm guessing the original new retail was around 180-210ish, because they had two of them identical (I just didn't write it down and due to a job related issue I can't remember numbers for extended periods). The one was 90 the other was 105, but they were willing to come down to the 90 to sell it to me. I also know their pricing and its usually 40-50% of the original price. Also they always have like 2 bronze warlocks and a few gios so I'm not worried about both of them selling.
Well if you are just going to be sitting around in your room with it, you might want to just go with the Gio...like you said I think the V is pretty much impossible to sit with and it might frustrate you in the long term.

I've never owned a Gio, though, just a couple of RG's (which I like.)

Is this the one you're talking about? I've seen people trying to sell used ones on CL for more than you'd pay at that store.

They had one of those too (for 90), I didn't test it I'm not a huge fan of LP shapes, I would like a LTD EC, but overall not my preference

The Ibby

The Epi:

There were other options, but these were the best two, I could test out that Artcore style Gio too, I just prefer the RG shape.

Also sitting with a V can't be much worse then sitting with an explorer was, and plus that one is still better then:


Though that is the reason I don't check Craigslist more, people seem to think that providing a strap constitutes charging $150 for a $180 original priced guitar.
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Well my vote still goes to the Ibby.

The thing with the V is that there's noplace to rest it in your lap. Explorer style guitars do have this.

How did you think they sounded?

As for Craig's List keep looking, you might find something decent. I'm going to see an Epi LP Studio tomorrow that comes with a hard case and the guy wan't $220...fingers crossed it doesn't look like something he picked off the trash pile.

And if you don't like the price you can always try to talk them down, not so in a store.
I did plug them in. They sounded like guitars of their price point the epi a little better, but I have never been a fan of Ibanez stock pups. I won't have an amp for a bit anyway though at least til December. I would rather play unplugged then not at all though. Plus I had a 15w spyder 4 anyway so I might end up worth something better in the long run.

You can haggle with this store a little they are reasonable and flexible the people on cl are not. I've made some reasonable offers and gotten nasty replies back. I'm talking offering 100 on a guitar that sells for 180 new. They usually want 150ish including coming there for it without even a gig bag included. Im not paying that when I can get the new one for another 30.

Yes I know the Ibanez hypocrisy I actually love their guitars build wise just not the electronics. I've owned one before a much nicer one. I loved it just hated the pups.
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I don't understand the deal with all the 'You can't sit and play a V'. Of course you can sit down with it using the classical position (Well that's the position that a lot of guitarists use even with Superstrat shapes). Pros of classical position are better reach on frets and more control on the neck while giving your right hand a comfortable angle after a while of playing and getting used to it.

My vote goes to the V, not because of the shape. The reason is that most of Ibanez Gios have horrible lasting and are prone to warping of the neck due to lack of quality control on that line.

Edit: then again, check local CL/etc. for better deals. If you don't have an amp, why don't you consider an acoustic? You can get a reasonably better acoustic guitar for the same price as an electric and at least they sounds good when played unplugged.
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I think a lot of the people selling on CL are expecting to get close to what they paid when they sell used. Just skip those people. I've seen Gios for sale around here on CL for $50 or less. You really have to scour the listings to find deals like that, though.

You can also probably find a practice amp cheap in the $30-$40 range. I see a lot of stuff like that, usually parents selling something they bought for their kids who never got into it or college students with no time to play.

I recently got an ok starter Peavey for $50 and that included a gig bag and a 15w amp, that was something of a fire sale though, I'm tellin ya keep looking!

Just go into the CL search bar and put "electric guitar" and see what comes up, might be something you are not expecting.
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(I just didn't write it down and due to a job related issue I can't remember numbers for extended periods).

wait, what?
Like I said both seemed nicer then a lot of stuff and seemed better then the rest. I swear people by me using cl are not all there after a week of really bad listings I just went to music go round. I actually don't like acoustics as a primary is just a preference. As for the number thing I worked at Kohls in the shoe department for five years and getting three numbers at a time that way messed things up. Would one be better quality wise or is the gio a more solid choice overall? I'm looking for best bang for the buck.
Dude honestly I think you are gonna find both very similar, main difference is the shapes. Your call, I don't think either of them are gonna fall apart in your hands.
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