Would have been nice to have an older video to compare to. Not my job to go sorting through threads.

As for the voice, sounds pretty good, but does singing make you nervous? I think I can hear some nervousness, or at least not quite enough confidence. Not that I should talk, I'm still working on not being afraid of singing. I have no self esteem when it comes to my voice, makes me sound pretty unbearable. But I'm working on it.
Having a low self-esteem as a singer is a bad thing. Most singers are pretty ballsy. You're putting yourself out there for everyone to listen and judge - you need to have the attitude to go with it. However, that doesn't mean that you need to be a jerk, either.

Ok... Your singing... A little pitchy. Need to work on maintaining pitch. This probably wasn't the best song for you to showcase your talents. I would have picked something a little different. Your lack of confidence comes through in your voice. I, too, wish you would've posted a "before and after." I have nothing to compare this recording against and I'm not digging around for it at this time. Please edit your post and give us a "before" example.
i like it man, you still have room to improve.
just stick with it and youll improve, like anything it just takes time
dam i wish i could sing
His pitchiness is what makes it sound like he's nervous. They're the same issue. Though the nerves might even be subconcious... (People can be pitchy and not nervous, but that sounds different.)

And to be fair, I'm assuming he hasn't been singing his own stuff for a long time, and it takes a lot of time to write the stuff thats best for you. Like after 9 years I can finally write guitar parts that fit for me, but with vocals I'm just getting started. (By the way, not just a random terrible singer chiming in, done the whole school choir, chamber choir, state champion choir thing. Just not enough experience doing solo or non-choral stuff. So I know how to sing, just not the stuff I want to sing...)
Nice song dude! You sound a bit nervous, do you get performing anxiety when you record? :P