After watching the Broom of Doom video on Youtube, I started to thinking on building a similar instrument. But mine will be different at some point.
- As the name suggest: it'll be a scythe guitar. A broomstick without a broomhead and a plastic sheet cut to look like a scythe's head. I don't want to use a real scythehead for avoiding cut limbs and heads.
- Specially designed one string pickup, possibly Sublime.

Other parameters:
- 28" scale lenght, one string tuned down to F#.
- Either oak or maple broomstick
- A tuner from a cheap Epiphone
- Fretless, positions will be marked for easier playing

What would be better for this project? An oak or a maple broomstick?
Well, I just finished a project this morning that's really similar to yours. I actually used a hockey stick as a neck, as I've got quite a few lying around. The scale is 30" and I drew on sharpie fret markers. The pickup I used was a cheap single-coil from a Yamaha I redid, so was the tuner. It actually plays fairly nicely (considering that it's somewhat a p.o.s.).

As for your project, I'd say maple only because it's used as a neck more commonly, but it's really up to you.
Was going to mention the same. I don't think you are looking for high sound quality there, so I think you better of with Maple as it has shown through age that is an excellent wood for necks.

Also, post pictures!

Why don't you make it an upright bass btw? Looks way cooler to hold and play if it's a Scythe.
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Quote by omidmash
Why don't you make it an upright bass btw? Looks way cooler to hold and play if it's a Scythe.

It'll be a "guitar" primary, mostly for simple and lowtuned music, alrought an upright bass also would be cool. Maybe next time.

In a few days I'll look for a maple broomstick. If I can't find any, then I stay with oak.