Decided to cover a Red Hot Chili Peppers song this time. I know the chords aren't the ones most people play, but I think it sounds good.

The cover is here:
Under the Bridge Full Song w/ Backing Track

Critics of any shape are welcome, just as long it isn't just to hate.

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I have also got another post on this forum.
Check out the Nothing Else Matters solo here .
The playing is good, chords seemed fine to me.

Areas where you've got potential to improve:
Timing - It's not bad, but it's not quite on the beat. That's just a matter of working with the metronome a bit more and you'll have it nailed.
Tone - the tone a bit odd for this type of playing, it's almost got a country twang. Is there a hint of chorus used?
Thanks for replying!

Somehow I find this song hard to time right, and the tone was hard to figure out with the equipment I have. I actually think I turned off or at least down the chorus on the RP500, but there is absolutely a bit to filled and heavy tone for this kind of song.