So I've recently decided to pick up right hand muting as alot of the music I like to learn has arpeggios and other technical things. I've worked on it a bit to the point where I think I can start to just practice what I have, but I want to know if you guys thing that I have decent enough technique to start polishing yet.


Thanks in advance.

Edit: I also realize I was playing that part very badly, I was more focused on right hand technique at the moment.
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You can hear something ringing out in the background, it still needs work. It's possibly your B string but I can't quite tell.
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I have given it a bit of work and started right hand muting in the ascending, along with left hand muting. There are a few more harmonics ringing out than I'd like but I'm going to attribute that to the distortion pedal, the gain still being at about 1 o'clock and having my volume and tone knobs completely bypassed. Does it at least seem better?
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even if you are playing very slowly, i dont know if it's a good idea to practice sweep using staccato. sweep picking has a more legato sound. what i usually do when i practise sweep at that kind of speed, is i still try to get the same sound as i would get when playing fast, but slower. sweep picking is not exactly what you did speeded up.
it sound a bit sloppy and insecure overall, are you sure you're ready for that kind of arpeggios? try this: forget the right hand's sweeping motion, and play it a bit slower, the only goal being to play it flawlessly, then post it.