Had no idea where to put this thread, but let's try here.

I've played for around 4 yours now and i feel i can play quite good, but i have never played or tried to learn any solos. I feel that now is a good time to try and learn some. My problem is that i really don't know any beginner/intermediate solos i can start with, since i listen to bands like CoB i find it most unlikely that i would start of with those solos.

Do you have any tips for some metal songs with easier solos in?
The first full solo I learned was Crazy Train, I'd been playing 3 or 4 months when I learned it so I'd recommend it.
Learn theory.
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Opening to sweet child of mine is easy and yes to crazy train both are easy head turners
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Learn whatever you actually want to play. I think learning random songs to practice/build your way up is bullshit. If you're not playing what you actually want to be playing, why are you playing? Guitar shouldn't be treated like a job, IMO.
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