a song about a buddy of mine

well this is the story
of one james earl ray
born and raised massachusetts, usa
and at 17 he struck his father to his knees

oh james, where are you goin?
with that gun in your hand?
oh james, itll be all right,
i know your a better man than i

with a soft smile his mother said
its all right james, ill take care of it
ill dispose of the body
ill make sure the cops know nothing

oh james, what are you doin?
kickin that old man from his horse
oh james, itll be alright
i swear ive seen worse crimes

and with twentey dollars,
an old pocket knife, of course his revolver
james set out at the dead of night
im gunna change ma, i swear ill be better

oh james, what have you done?
makin promises you cant surely keep
oh james, it might not be alright
i think the sheriff can see your mothers lies

well by this time you see james he has been
on the road for some six months or so
hes hungry, hes tired, hes never been this poor
but hes got a plan, james' headin down to mexico

oh james, is this goodbye?
theyve blockaded the boarder, they got your picture
oh james, it will be alright
just gotta live your life night by night

oh james, oh james,
put your head up on your shoulders
stand straight, stand straight,
your gunna be free some day
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