Hi everyone,

I'm starting to learn the how's and what's in composing music.
I'm a noob, so please judge me like one.

I'm looking for feedback and some critisism (what is good/bad, how do i need to improve, etc...)

This was from my friend (bass) and me (guitars) first jam session, he found this bass riff (intro) and i composed around it.

then mixed in audacity.

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I definitely am digging the idea. Nice guitar layering and harmonies in there. It had a natural progression and flowed from start to finish.

The mix is decent. It is always hard to judge guitar tones when they are not paired up with drums, but it sounds like you could do a little tweaking. It's got that old school black metal vibe that lacks clarity and note definition. If you are going for that aesthetic more power to you, but if you want a more pronounced and punching tone, take some queues from Dark Tranquility's guitar tone. I'm sure you are familiar with them, judging from your style.

Are you using a digital interface or using a mic on an amp?
Good start and good luck.
hey thanks for the feedback man!

you are right, i need some drums, drummers are hard to go by (i could always learn some programmed drums).

I listen to quite some black metal, so i kinda dig the tone. But i'm definitely going try a lot of sounds and experiment a lot with my amp (i use a vox VT+, so i can program a lot of sounds and effects into my music).

I recorded it with a direct line from my amp (which sucks because vox's only record-out is it's phones, so i got to use a splitter so i can record with my phones on, or else i can't hear anything) into audacity (which i also use to mix my stuff).

I know its amateurisch as f*ck, but i'm just starting (low on cash).
But hey i'm grateful, at least i don't have to use a shitty 8-track like back in the days