Yes... I do like making things difficult for myself.
I'm building an electric resonator with a piezo in the bridge and a mini humbucker in the neck. I want to install two DPDT switches (on/on) so I can use one to switch the humbucker from single coil to dual coil, and the other to kill the signal.

I have done a bit of guitar wiring before but am still pretty beginner, especially with coil splitting and killswitches etc.

Attached is a diagram of the guitar and the components...

I'm not too savvy with wiring diagrams (tried to wire a guitar from a diagram once and managed to do it totally wrong)... so any basic diagram of where to solder what to what for each outcome would be helpful! (I only say this because a guitar builder told me that wiring diagrams are opposite or something so you don't just look at the diagram and solder what it looks to be)

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