So recently I had a Luthier make me a bone nut for my SG Standard.

Ever since, i seem to be having some slight intonation issues that weren't there before.
Also, the high E seems to slide off of the fretboard when i do pulloffs, which it didn't do before either.

Now i am a novice when it comes to how guitars are built, so take my observations with a grain of salt, but it seems like the high E groove may not be deep enough, and the spacing between strings may be a bit off? Maybe i'm just scrutinizing too much.

I've included a few pictures for ya'll to take a look at.



any thoughts?
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The B string does look as though it's a little too close to the G but I don't know what you mean by the high E sliding off the fretboard. Is it coming out of the nut?
No, it's probably sliding off the fret. That E is cut way too close to the edge of the board. It's hard to tell for sure from that picture but it looks like all of the strings are spaced too far apart. The low E looks pretty far out as well.
Yeahh it slides off the fret when i try to do pull offs on that particular string. Pretty annoying!
To be honest, the difference in tone and stability between corian and a bone nut is very little, and the Gibson one will have had the PLEK treatment so it will be as accurate as humanly possible. You might as well just stick the original nut back in. The only thing I would swap it for is an Earvana nut.
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Looks pretty nasty for a "pro". The strings dont even have a common radius like the should on that fretboard. The high E is higher than the B.......
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Technically "Pro" just means he got paid for it :P:

You're right though, that is not a good job. I'd take it somewhere else. Luckily nut work isn't horribly expensive and usually easy to reverse.