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i plug in my guitar to my bass amp? i didnt know where to post this, but i figured its about the amp mostly, so i posted it here. if i plug it in to my amp will do anything bad to the amp? also, i have a zoom bx pedal, (i think thats the name of it anyways)and i have it plugged in with my amp, and i use the guitar with it. will it damage the pedal?

thanks in advance.
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You will be fine with all that. Ive filled in on guitar for a few shows using my bass amp. Its not going to do any damage, but never a bass into a guitar amp. There are some blues players that use bass cabs for the clean tone out of them. Just eq the amp right and it will sound fine
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Ever heard of Fender Bassman? A bass amp used mainly with a guitar So shouldn't be a problem, no frequencies which can hurt it (as in a case when using a guitar amp with bass)
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if anything it will make it sound better
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yeah i do it all the time. but like the first guy said, never put a bass into a guitar amp.