Fender Jaguar
Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50

I've recently come in with quite abit of money to spend on guitar pedals the question is whether i need them.

I'm after a guitar tone similar to paul kossoff in the early years of free. but i play a range of hard blues such as led zeppelin, rival sons, leafhound etc.

The pedals i'm looking at are:

Ibanez tube screamer
Dunlop Fuzz Face
Boss Chromatic Tuner
And an EQ of some sort to boost my solo's

I was wondering what you people thought ?
Distortion straight from the amp or pedals ?

Also if anyone has any idea as to EQ pedals that don't produce 'hiss' when they're engaged that would be handy

Thanks in advance
You could try to back the gain down and crank the amps volume up loud. I'm not too familiar with the DSL range but I'm sure they could get you in the ballpark
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A tube screamer might be perfect for the tone you're try to achieve. As for quiet EQ's, I'd suggest a MXR 10 band with a sniper mod.
you should be able to get all that just fine...?
although everyone needs a TS-9 so get that. You may also like the fuzz face for Eric Johnson or some Zep tunes. hendrix as well.