Ok. I'm purchasing a Charvel that comes with Emg 81's.
I've been thinking about maybe putting the AHB-1 (blackouts) or the AHB-2 (metal blackouts) instead.
I play more metal rhythm. Alot of chugs and pinch harmonics. Which would be better?
EMGs and Blackouts are the 2 leading metal pickups, so either one will be awesome, which is just personal preference.
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I had the metal blackouts they are very hot and have alot of treble in them .

They sounded okay but I sold them and went back to the normal Blackouts.

A cheaper way if you want the best of both pickups would be get EMG Hz-H4 and the Blackouts Modular Preamp.

Used EMG Hz-H4 go for around $15.00 bucks and the preamp around $49.99.

You will get the bite of the EMG and the heavey chug of the Blackouts.

Very easy to install I did my SG in less then 30 mins.
I would try the EMG 81 first, unless you already know how they sound through your rig. Because they are designed to do exactly what you described.

That said, I run Blackout AHB-1s in my Schecter and they sound amazing. Definitely good for chugging, screaming harmonics and everything else in metal. Compared to EMGs 81s on Youtube demos, the Blackouts sound a bit warmer and richer, whereas the EMG 81 sound a little clearer and maybe tighter. But I haven't played a guitar with an 81 through my rig so I can't tell you from firsthand experience how different they are.
Depends on the wood of the charvel. In my gibson Im not really digging the emg81 i threw in it but my poplar godin is a monster with its stock EMG81.

But Ive also been really curious to try blackouts......