Poll: Emg81 vs AHB-1 vs AHB-2
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View poll results: Emg81 vs AHB-1 vs AHB-2
1 50%
Blackouts AHB-1
1 50%
Blackouts Metal AHB-2
0 0%
Voters: 2.
Ok. I'm purchasing a Charvel that comes with Emg 81's.
I've been thinking about maybe putting the AHB-1 (blackouts) or the AHB-2 (metal blackouts) instead.
I play more metal rhythm. Alot of chugs and pinch harmonics. Which would be better?

Also, the AHB-2 don't come as a set. I see it's only a bridge pickup. So what would be a good neck pickup with that option?
et rid of the other thread if you decided to do this one instead. it's against rules to have two threads on the same topic.
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I didnt? It asked me if I wanted to add a poll with it and I did. I didnt know they were 2 diffrent ones. Sorry!