Okay so I have a problem here, I have a fuzz factory and a Boss Me-50. the problem is that I want to activate my fuzz and the distortion section from the boss by only using one footswitch. Is it possible?
Thanks in advance for answering to my question!
Put them in a looper. Have both of them on, activate them with a switch on your looper.
it's not directly possible, but it is indirectly possible.

they have certain devices that act as a series of effects loops. you put pedals in each loop and you can include them or exclude them from your signal chain. if you put the ME50 and the fuzz factory in a single loop together then you can bypass both at the same time.

these effects loop pedals can get very sophisticated too, some are able to be programmed so that you have one click access to any arrangement of loops in any order.
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Put them in a looper. Have both of them on, activate them with a switch on your looper.

So, I put ON the fuzz and the OD of the boss and I could activate both with the looper?
Yeah, you keep them both on. The looper on OFF bypasses them, on ON, the signals from both are included in the signal path. The loopers are pretty cheap and also easy to DIY.
Or you could put a board across both pedals so you just step on the board and it activates both. Just kidding, but thats totally how I would ghetto rig it if I was in a pinch. Or if I was still in highschool, I did some crazy stuff with my gear sometimes. The looper should be good.
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what specs is your pc? like how much ram?

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3 ram, nice

Yeah, that was my first thought also . But the switches on the two effects are totally different, so it'd be kinda hard to get them both easily.