You're at work and think of decent lyrics?

I'm looking to get a job during next semester and I've been writing every day, ideas come to me at all sorts of times...sometimes not the most convenient.

What do you guys do when you're on the job?

I"m looking to work at a movie theater or retail store, idk. Preferably the theater. Maybe a delivery driver because that would give me plenty of chances to write if I think of something.

I remember I was trying to think of some lyric rewrites for a song I wrote called Wheel of Misfortune. While at work stocking groceries I ended up getting a huge brainstorm of lyrics for some reason, so on break I just jotted them on my notepad app in my cell and saved it.
thanks for the tip...that's probably what I'll end up doing.

Hopefully I'll get a job that'll let me think a lot
I keep a notepad at each of my lathes at work, though I do keep a small notebook in a pocket as well. Mostly, they're there to jot down programs for the lathes themselves, but they serve well for jotting down ideas.

Ideas never come at convenient times.
I use my smartphone. It has a notepad app. It's pretty good but the autocorrect sometimes messes up my words.
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