So I'm thinking about getting some singing lessons. I don't really sing, and I wanna learn how, but it seems like something more difficult to learn by yourself than say guitar.

My friend told me about a place that cost 100 bucks a month for a 35 minute class once a week. Are they supposed to be that expensive?

Also what kind of credentials do I need to look for to make sure I'm getting a good teacher?

Thanks for any help
I'm gonna suffer for the rest of my life

But I will always find a way to survive
I actually think that is quite cheap for pro individual music lessons, or at worst reasonable because of only 35 minutes at a time. You could just buy Brett Manning's singing success. It will tell you the exact same things they will tell you every week for a one-off payment, and it has lessons that increase in difficulty after you master them, as well as being useful warm-ups well after you've mastered the lot.
Well my problem with ordering a program is that I feel it won't be able to address problems that I don't notice myself.
I'm gonna suffer for the rest of my life

But I will always find a way to survive
Go for it man. You dont need a genius vocal coach to learn the basics. I would still ask some questions like how long he or she has been teaching for, just so you know your not getting a complete hack, which i doubt.

As for the previous comment reccommending Singing Success. Its a very good program but its easy to do the exercises the wrong way, thats why a vocal coach is best, they will be able to offer feedback and they'll also be able to analyze your voice.