So later on this week after weeks of searching for a guitar within a reasonable price range, i have decided to get the ESP LTD MH-350FR. Basically what i want is your opinions on this. It's got a nice body, licensed floyd rose and what i really like about it is it comes with active EMG 81/85's. Just want an opinion on this guitar if any of you own or have ever played it. Played my friends and it feels remarkable
That's a pretty good guitar! The 300 series LTDs are nice, and the licensed floyd is one of the better ones too so should serve you well. The EMG 81 & 85 pair sound awesome too. Look into doing the 18 volt mod with them as well if you get it, that makes them sound even better!

In short it's a great guitar for the price and you should go for it.
good guitar.

LTD's are generally pretty good bets, and that guitar has a nice spec for the money. necks on those are great!
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Haven't played that one specifically but i've played quite a few LTD's over the years, and still own a couple.

in my experience they're excellent guitars and I imagine the MH-350FR should be to, especially for the price you can pick them up for.