Hi everyone, just recently started playing guitar and I have an acoustic and then I have my dads 197X Ibanez Custom ( the one modeled after the les Paul ?)

I am not sure exactly of the date at the moment , I'd have to ask my dad but I think it is either a 1973, 74, or 76.

I just was wondering some things about it. First, I see all the customs being called LPs, is mine a Lp Custom then? The date they were modeled before the lawsuit, are they basically the same or is there a big difference between a 1972 and 1976?

Now I'm just wondering how much this is actually worth ,I didn't know this was such a amazing guitar until my friends loved it and I read a little about it . I would never sell it because of its history, but what are they worth? I'm wondering because I saw another post on a different site saying they saw a 1976 Lp custom for $2000 ???

Ive been under the impression this is a great guitar but only worth maybe 400
We can't really help you without some pictures.
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An Ibanez Custom is not the same as an LP or Les Paul Custom. A Les Paul (LP) is specifically a Gibson (or Epiphone/Orville) product. Anything else is a "Copy" or "Lawsuit" model and will be worth considerably less than the real thing in almost every instance.

What you have is probably a "Lawsuit" model, which is just what it indicates - Ibanez made guitars that looked too much like a Gibson product, so they were sued over it. The Lawsuit models often go for more than the later models that were changed to look less like Gibsons. What you have is probably a nice guitar but it is not a Les Paul in the proper sense and it is not worth $2K.
1970s Ibanez Les Paul copies are basically valued between $200 and $700 max depending on model and condition. None are valued at more than $800 for a mint condition. I am going by "book" value as a starting point.

However from a seller's point of view, it is worth whatever someone would pay for it.
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the last few Ibanez lawsuit's i've seen floating around shops and C-list have been in the 5-600 dollar range. It depends on your condition, etc etc etc, but if you want to sell it shoot for there. There are some Ibanez lawsuit-era guitars (though not typically the LP knock offs) that go for significantly more, but again it's contingent upon condition, and whether or not you can find a collector that wants to pay the going rate for your specific model.

In essence: a real 1976 les paul may fetch 2 grand, but a real Ibanez copy will fetch maybe 1/4 that price because it's not the same instrument.
Thank you very much for the replies .

I know it isn't a Gibson Les Paul, but what I meant .. Incase I wrote that first post badly because I was half-asleep.. is that I do know it is a lawsuit model Ibanez Custom. I'm not sure on the exact year yet, I still need to ask my dad and post whe I know it. Do certain years of the lawsuit/prelawsuit ( by prelawsuit I mean the ones that were made before the actual lawsuit occurred in 76?78?) get more money than others?

I do know it is designed to be very close to a Gibson LP because my dad told me about that, but I just looked at the site I saw someone asking about whether or not to buy one for 2k and I realized the person said a "71 Les Paul Custom" and since I was half asleep wen I read it I didn't realize he was talkin about a Gibson and I saw 'Custom' and thought he was talkin about my guitar.

I'll take a picture when I am home and post it so you guys could help figure out the condition it is in and what the value would be. Again I would never sell it, I am just curious is all :p

Though I do have some questions about mine . 1. Since it is a copy basically and made it as close as they could to a Gibson , how similar are they? Basically what is the difference between a lawsuit Ibanez LP and a real Gibson of the same year? 2. These strings are extremely old and I NEED to buy a new set of strings today, is there a specific type or kind of strin I SHOULD use for this guitar? I don't know anything about strings as te gauges, etc. when it comes to stringing a guitar , my best friend does, but I don't know if there is certain strings I should buy for this guitar that my friend wouldn't quite know. 3. One of the pick ups , I believe needs to be replaced/fixed , how much does that cost? Am I able to do it myself?

That's about it , thanks again for all of the answers and replies

EDIT: Just found out it is either a 75' or 76' my dad can't remember which. Btw what is the best place to use to learn songs..YouTube? What would you guys suggest I learn first? I know all of the main chords C D A F G E and power chords . I can play Damnit by Blink 182, not perfectly or that smooth but I can play each guitar part. I can do the main strumming ( C , G , Am, F , C, G, F )on Let It Be I can do the beginning of Come As You Are, I can do the beginning part of Sweet Home Alabama with the pull offs, I can do Brainstew by green day , the power chords then the power chords with the mute strings. I can do the beginning of Anthem Part 2 by Blink very easily . The way I started picking was by goin down and up , not just down because I felt like it would be the best thing to do and learn to do that now before I get too used to just pluckin down . There are other things I know but ive forgotten them. I am capable l doing more than what I know how to play, I just don't know any other songs because my best friend usually teaches me parts at a time , but I want to learn and play songs when I'm home and I'm bored with what I know. Sooo suggestions would be great!
Basically? Gibsons were made in america, with better hardware* and Ibanez were made in Japan, and generally of inferior quality (though not dramatically inferior, in some cases. Lawsuits are known to be pretty solid guitars).

The type of strings doesn't really matter... just put a set of .10's or something on it and make sure the neck's straight and all that junk.

If you know how to solder, or your father does you can probably find the wiring diagrams and what have you to swap any broken electronics out, alternatively take it to a music shop and ask them if they'll do it/how much they charge: it varies from place to place. WHether it's a 75 or 76 won't matter a whole bunch.

As for the last bit: this website's a great place to learn songs, short of getting lessons. learn to read tablature, and use UG's tab search to find tabs for songs you like, and slowly start to play along with them. It's how I learned years ago, and I've gotten pretty alright for a self-taught dude.

*I'm not an expert on either of these guitars by any means but this is the consensus i've gathered
You can get the year (and month) out of the serial number. For the most part these are great guitars. If you're not selling it, it has no value and infinite value at the same time. The only way to know what it is worth is to actually sell it. And then you would be sad.