Hello and happy Thank-you-for-your-time,

So, I have an Eastwood Hi-Flyer with p-90s and little less. I want to change a lot on the guitar but not anything that I can use from the original guitar, so here's my ideas:

- The stock p-90s make a lot of noise, but I'm uncertain if that's the bad grounding of the guitar or the actual pick-ups. When I touch the metal on the guitar it's a lot better, so maybe it's just bad grouding?
- The tailpiece breaks A LOT of my high E strings because it's just bad and I've tried to file it down a million times, but it still gives me problems.
- The pots and switches crack and hizz.

So what I want to do is the following:

- Either get the ground fixed, but I don't know how to find the problem, OR get two new p-90s, some with a high output but that make as little noise as possible (and if necessary I can compromise on the high output to get quieter pick-ups) - Ideas, please?
- I want to put a Bigsby as tailpiece, but I don't know how to see if it'll fit as I wouldn't really like to drill anything - any recommendations?
- A new wiring kit, but insted of the original 1 tone & 1 volume, I'd like 2 tones & 1 volume. Anyone makes good pre-assempled? I want it to be quality, price is not a problem, but I don't need top of the line, just something functional, your average Gibson set-up, I suppose.
- Maaaaaybe new tuners.

So, can anyone help me with ideas?
- Gibson SG Standard
- Lag Roxane 500
- Eastwood Hi-Flyer
- Takamine EG523

- Jet City JCA50H
- George Dennis 60Watt The Blue Combo
- Marshall SuperBass 100Watt