Hello UG!

I've been playing guitar for about 6 years in total. Got around the level to play songs like Oh Sleeper - Son of the morning. But got bored playing the guitar since I couldn't find any good songs that are not too easy, not learning anything new or just out of my league. Nothing in between.

After around 1.5 years of nearly no playing I've started to pick up playing again. But I've found myself struggling playing the guitar. Lost most of my speed and strength. And having difficulties with techniques I used to master.

I'm still having difficulties finding the right songs to practice and motivate me enough to play/practice them over and over. I know I have to start back to basic and go from there to strenghten myself. But I only can think of songs that are too easy.

Anyone else that had this problem too? Or any suggestions? I find myself putting down the guitar over and over again for the same problems I stopped playing. Only now I'm worse then before. Help me UG!

Thank you beforehand!

I'm aware of the 'suggest me a song' thread. But i'm convinced this is a more diffucult problem then just hey I need a new song. If there was any other topic about the same subject I missed it (even with search)
You could always take more difficult songs and play them slow first. There's no secret other than easing your way into it.
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Thank you for your reply. That's true. I'm aware that walking gets me further then running. But I think I need to strengthen and fasten up again first. Take 2 steps back to get 3 steps further. If I dive on a more difficult song and master it I think I'll be missing out on more basic stuff. I'm not even near at the skill I've used to be at now.

It's like crawling on the ground if you are used to run. I'm finding it difficult to start running again. You know you can do it. You know it's there. But it's not happening. And I don't know how to handle it or how to start.
I'm doing the same thing now, you will be surprised how fast you regain your finger coordination and strength.
If you wanna learn and a song and its to easy just learn it anyway, you can never know to many songs.
Maybe find and old learn to play guitar book and play through that just to brush up on some things, or for an ego boost
I strongly advice you to start studying some harmony and theory; it's a whole new universe.
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Once you do get your chops back, like kikedose said learn some theory, and then start to write your own riffs, or even songs.
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