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45 37%
56 46%
Gooby plz
21 17%
Voters: 122.
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If my coffee goes cold then I pass it on to my girlfriend. She doesn't deserve hot coffee so she gets all my cast offs.
I like my coffee as cool as this gig;


i dunno, i just wanted to share that and happened to have this thread open
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I like coffee in any form.

This includes instant that has gone cold, when the coffee maker puts far too much milk in there so its cold; even shitty beans.

I dont care; if its coffee, Ill drink it.
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I love cold coffee but I never actually intentionally make it cold. I just like it when there is a cup I forgot about and left on my desk or something.
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Jeez bro, chill the heck out! Maybe take some of your cold coffee or whatever.
Also instead of snapping at people who prove your statement is false, maybe next time clarify you are not talking about iced coffee.

...Which has ice in it.

...Which is different from coffee left cold.

...Because it has ice in it.

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Hate hate hate cold coffee.
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Cold coffee that was prepared to be drunk hot, not really a fan.
Cold coffee, a bit sweeter than the hot version, perhaps some vanilla or chocolate flavour, yes please.
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I've never tried it... I don't know, doesn't seem like something I'd like, although I thought the same about iced coffee (not the same thing right?) and I ended up kinda liking it but getting over it pretty quickly. Hot coffee on the other hand, I'm addicted to.
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