brain tumor

i told my freshman english teacher my grandma died
to get out of two weeks of high school
and play guild wars 2,
i’m one of those kids who rides skateboards
with my older brothers and we don’t use bandaids,
i wrote penises in your math textbook when you used the pencil sharpener
and filled your car with packing peanuts after taping a trout under your dash,
i took a vintage van around the country and chronicled the trip with instagram,
i tell you that i knew animal collective before they were big
and smoked up once with the bassist for the shins,
i took your first girlfriend’s first kiss and virginity and you have never forgiven me
because i held her in the sunset in the treehouse and snapped her thong so hard it left a birthmark,
i get free crates of pabst from a guy i know,
i get sold fresh bud from a dispensary in Astoria,
i go tubing on sundays with friends i’ve known since i was five
and i host an annual bonfire every summer at a cabin on mt. hood

at your funeral
i cried the hardest
because the slug in your brain was meant for mine
and the shine in your heart should have devoured the world when you died

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Dude, this is amazing. Love everything about it. If this is true, I'm SO sorry. If not, well its still great anyways