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Announced today or yesterday.


Alice in Chains
Queens of the Stone Age
Pearl Jam (maybe)
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Qotsa, with Grohl on the drums, can't wait.

Also, though I have no high hopes for this, I guess it would still be interesting to see which direction Incubus go in this time, if any.

Black Sabbath


I would also love a SOAD reunion and new album (Also, isn't Serj composing some lassical stuff now? That would be interesting)

And, maube Korns guitarist will rejoin them and write a new awesome album.
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I guess I'm most excited for whatever DnB has to offer.
grok it.


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2011 and 2012 have been pretty killer diller for black and doom metal releases. Hopefully I'll just find a whole bunch of new bands to listen to.
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Foals, Wild Beasts and Yuck, off the top of my head.
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Quote by strat0blaster
The new Dead Letter Circus and Fair to Midland releases. I'm ridiculously excited for those.

Dead Letter Circus are incredible. Fair To Midlands last album was pretty awesome as well.

I'm hoping Karnivool get a new one out. Also Prodigy and letlive.
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Quote by happytimeharry

are you serious

you better fucking be serious, this is not something to joke about
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Hopefully Turbowolf. And Violent Soho, they're due a new album, and Tinderbox is awesome.
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Quote by Primus2112
are you serious

you better fucking be serious, this is not something to joke about

I would not joke about that shit.

Trent comments on NIN

He hasn't specifically said "new album in 2013" but I'd put money down on it.
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New Foals album? Could be good. I didn't really like Total Life Forever too much.
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