So i'm learning a song as part of an audition thing i have to do for a performance course. I have until the 29th and i chose a song with 2 nice melodic yet somewhat technical solo's. I'm having a shitload of problem getting the right pitch on the second solo..

So here's the solo: And yes i like his tone more than any other guitarist. So much envy.


I made a thread about this exact thing i believe around a year ago or so now and i never really got around to solving the problem.
A lot of his bends are like pinch harmonics but i swear they're not.. I can play them somehow about 50% of the time but i really want to know like the exact way to play them so i can practice it.. I sort of just practice achieving that pitch without any sort of idea of how i do it.. I guess i just kind of half have my hand the way i would for a pinch harmonic. I play with a very very minimal amount of the pick showing and sometimes it just sort of happens..

If you're not sure what i mean i have 2 real rough recordings i did. One played without any of those "pinch harmonics" and the other played with lots of those harmonics. Excuse the sloppiness as i still need to practice the whole song significantly more and i'm aware of that. I'd just like any sort of insight as to what i can do to make this a lot more clear and easier on myself..

Played with weird harmonic thingy:

http://soundcloud.com/vayne92/dat-pitch Ignore the shitty playing haha. And yeah i know i do it a lot more than in the actual song but i just wanted to get the message across

And here it is without any "harmonics"..


I hope what i'm trying to say makes sense. I understand if it doesn't because to me i don't even understand what's going on haha.

Any help though would be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot
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yeah your right it does sound like there's a few semi pinches in there , with stuff like that you just have to play around with it until you find the right sound

good luck with the audition
I know that he uses the sustainiac sustainer pick up in his guitars now. I could be that he has that turned on and set to the harmonic mode and the sound is that half kicking in if you know what i mean. I know that happens on the fernandes sustainer pick up anyway.
I would try an upstroke with you pick but with not much attack and also standing close to the speaker of your amp so that the notes feedback a bit giving you that sustain and harmonics. You have to try it many times because you needlearn to control the amount of attack and feedback.
and I'm guessing he uses PAFs for his pickups. Get a rich harmonic and dynamic pickup.