Sorry if this has been coverd before, have done a search and found some helpful info but not exactly what I want to know.

My 6yo nephew has been wanting a drum kit for the last year or so and this year it looks like he might be getting one, however my brother-in-law doesn't like to buy anything unless it comes from John Lewis, where he's seen this kit - http://www.johnlewis.com/231303502/Product.aspx
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I'm thinking it looks a bit cheap and nasty, very plasticy, and would probably do better spending a bit more and getting something more like this one - http://www.gear4music.com/Drums-and-Percussion/Junior-3-Piece-Drum-Kit-by-Gear4music/5V8

Which looks a lot more substantial and therefore in my eyes should sound better.

Personally I would get a 2nd hand kit from ebay but I can't see him going for that option.

Is the John Lewis kit worth bothering with, or ther gear4music kit actually any better, or does it not really matter at this young age?
Is it just a case of get him something basic to see if he sticks with it and then upgrade next year/whenever?
might be a bit redundant, but dont trust your eyes when it comes to sounds. If you want to know how they sound you REALLY should listen to them first, but you are right, the john lewis one looks cheap and nasty and the hardware looks rubbish. and its probably a better idea to get an ebay kit providing its in good condition, and avoid getting instruments from john lewis like the plague. you might find some great ebay bargains for collection because people dont like the hassle of shipping.

its not essential to spend mountains of cash on a first drum kit, but if they sound bad that is not only off putting for the player, but you will only need to get another one in a few years if they stick with it. assuming the build quality even makes them last long enoug.
A toy kids kit will always be just a toy, but a nicer kit would retain its usefulness for a lot longer. they can grow into a slightly bigger kit but will grow out of a little one fast, and at least with a real kit you can upgrade all the parts piece by piece.
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My son started drumming at the age of six. He did almost a year of lessons on a very nice kit at his instructors studio before we purchased a kit. The advantage of waiting was my son at the age of 7 could sit in a music store and try out all the kits to get the sound, feel and fit he liked. He found most of the kids kits sounded and felt terrible. In the end he selected a full size kit that sounded amazing. He is now 11 and still playing the same kit daily with only a few cymbals and a couple of different sounding snares added to the original setup.
I am not a drummer nor is anyone in the family, but the quality kit makes it easy for us to listen when he plays and works on patterns.

Hope this experience helps a little when looking at a kit for a young drummer.
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