Hi everyone,

I've been kinda confused for effects lately, but I think I found my niche. Anyway, I'm in the market for a rotary style pedal and saw the behringer rotary. It's pretty inexpensive and very low priced compared to others I've seen....but, I've heard very mixed things about Behringer's pedals. Aside from rotary, I'm thinking of adding Flanger, Tremolo, Chorus, Delay and then maybe an Envelope Follower to my mix of pedals.

If anyone could give any insight, that would be great.

Get a proper leslie, and you'll get half of those effects in that.

Chorus: Tonerider
Delay: I dunno. What's your budget?
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there are really two kinda ways to go with 'rotary' style pedals for guitar

-vibe style effects
-actual leslie emulation

this seems to be a fairly good leslie emulator, it is also DSP based (as would probably be the case no matter what you buy). it seems to accentuate the tremelo effect over the vibrato effect, and can be a bit choppy sounding based on demos i have heard.

another concern about behringer products is their longevity. behringer is a german based company known for making clones of popular circuits and producing them in china (that is how they get an acceptable product at a cheap price). but while behringer is attractive to the budget conscious, their products do have a higher failure rate. some last longer than others, and their consistency of quality is pretty low.

so as long as you are aware of this, and that is acceptable to you, then go for it.
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That was my main concern. I've never owned a behringer pedal, but within the reviews, the bad ones were like "if this pedal was a pancake, it would be a bad pancake"

I don't really have a set budget, I'm just planning on buying pedals as I see them/get money.

One option I was considering was the Line6 MM4, but I'm pretty set on a Small Clone (i'll give that tonerider a look, too), MXR Flanger, and I don't know what Tremolo or Delay yet...maybe I'll give Joyo or Visual Sounds a look.
I forgot to mention, the Line6 MM4 is used for 100 dollars at the local shop. I"m gonna try it out...the only downside is that I can't use multiple effects at once (from what I've seen on youtube).