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people who can really relate to pinkerton are people i can't really relate to.

blocky pls

pinkerton is the shit mang

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Anyone else think of this album as a vicious circle of sorts? In the first song, he's saying how he doesn't like having sex cause he wants to find the love that's been eluding him for so long. The next few songs follow suit and continue that hopelessly lonely vibe until it climaxes at Across the Sea (words and dreams and a million screams of how I need a hand in mine to feel.. Something about that part is so hauntingly beautiful to me) That concludes the first 5 song part of the album. The Good Life kicks off the second part where he finally decides to do something about his circumstances and by Falling for You he has succeeded in doing so (maybe?).. But then we get to Butterfly where he throws away the love he's been searching for in favour of meaningless sex. To me this album is meant to be played on repeat-- it seems so cyclical, it just makes sense to. It's even more interesting when you consider that for the most part, the songs are in order of when they were written.

I've been listening to Pinkerton a lot recently. I've been hurting a bit...

Been listening to it a lot in the last couple of months, and I thought exactly this.

I don't think that the lyrics are misogynistic, I think they're just the plainly-stated result of Rivers' loneliness and desperation. All of the urges and feelings he describes he does so in a completely transparent way, but he recognises that this wouldn't come across well in speech ("I can't talk about it, I gotta sing about it"), especially when in reality he was generally an unconfident, mild-mannered person. It's the essence of an emotional outburst.
Pinkerton may be the one album I never get tired of. While at times Rivers may have had some unconventional or even juvenile lyrics, I think it works. And at other times, his songwriting in phenomenal. Stupid Rolling Stone ruining one of the greatest bands that ever lived. I mean look at them now...Can't Stop Partying!!!!!!1
One of my favourite albums ever. I feel I have less than a connection to it now than I used to since I have a girlfriend and I'm generally at a decent point in my life and as a result I prefer the Blue Album right now. At any point in my life I'm one of two things - Blue or Pinkerton.
please tell me i'm not the only one who struggles to play falling for you? little ol' three chord me my ass

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