My first bass guitar, Yamaha RBX-374 arrived.

It's amazing! I'm very happy! Thanks for helping me choose this amazing piece of music instrument.

Now i must buy an amp just for the bass because i'm worried about blowing up the Yamaha THR-10, i know it can handle bass, but you know... 3 inch speakers...

I know the RBX-375 and Ibanez SR300 are better choices but i don't live in USA so i had to pay 10% comission to a seller and aldo had to pay 70$ for shipping and 80$ for taxes. I bought it Restock from MF with 15% discount coupon so the value paid for it was 204$ and the total value spent with taxes/shipping/seller comission is almost 400$ usd but here in Brazil it costs nearly $650 usd so it was a great deal for me.

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The RBX375 is no better, just different because it has an extra string. anyway, HNBD! Hope you enjoy it!
HNBD! Enjoy it! And welcome to the Low End, my friend!
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absolutely what will said

Yay, my first compliment!
i do like me some yamaha.. KUDOS!
i have the 375 and it is indeed brilliant.
Congratulations. I'm gonna have to revise some Yamaha's, because i haven't been playing them lately and i know they're always a great choice. Have fun!
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