So as people were nice enough to mention in my last post, i need a new amp. and after searching Ive settled on the Peavey 6505 112 combo. from what Ive read in reviews its nice, but does anyone here have any personal feedback they can give me? i don't want to spend a bunch of money on a terrible amp. Or does anyone have any better suggestions? I play all kinds of metal. my budget is about 500-700 so it would have to be about the same price as the 6506.
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Its definitely not terrible. Many metal artists use the 6505 series, theyre great. The cleans are kinda crappy but its definitely a good amp. So ****ing loud though!
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I use mine from everything from a hardcore metal sound to pop punk to pop rock. It handles everything. When we play at the bars we play things from the 80s to top 40's and I love my 6505+. Every time I want to switch to another amp I end up staying with this one. It is noisy, which has been an issue but not a huge one. The amount of gain on tap is outrageous and you'll never use it all. I keep my crunch and clean around 6 on the dial and my lead around 4-5.

It is a very very bright amp with tons and tons of bite. I love that about it, and find that most amps need the treble cranked pretty high to get anywhere near that amount of bite. The low end is awesome, handles everything you'd ever need. Mine stays around 6 on both channels.

I actually really love the clean sound I get, but I'm the kind of guy that doesn't mind turning some knobs on my guitar while im playing to get a little less grit here, or a boost there.

Like said above, it is very loud. I NEVER get past 4, and hitting that is a miracle, but it isn't the kind of amp you want power tube sounds from, mostly everything you like comes from the preamps. I've heard a retube of the preamp can quiet things down and clear it up, which is my next endeavor.

All in all, I couldn't be happier with my amp. I wouldn't sell my amp for anything other than necessity. It's lasted many months on the road, never crapped out on me, and will probably stay with me forever. All in all it's a great amp.

I will reiterate though... IT's LOUD AS ALL HELL
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IMHO they are a little bit over rated. they aren't flexible, and only do one thing and one thing only. the main amp for quite a few metal-core players. but brootz.

personally i would look for a used JSX combo.

what ever you do, i wouldn't buy a 6505 combo new as you can find used ones sub $300 if you are watching.

if you want better and to spend a little bit more used there are 5150 2x12"s that are rather nice.
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I would say it's not great at bedroom levels. It sounds "weak" at low volumes when I try it. But anything above bedroom, you're good.
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