hi all, quick question for you here which i think i know the answer to but am a bit scared.

basically, i got GAS and wound up a few months ago getting myself a lovely new hi flyer (eastwood, not univox - fuck it - it's a really, really, really fun guitar to play). acourse this meant that my AVRI jag spent a little time feeling sorry for itself not getting played. just a week or two ago i decided to restring it (it had a string missing) and give it a whirl, but the bridge had loosened or adjusted on one side and the action was all messed up on the E and A strings. so of course i gave it a quick adjustment with the allen key that came with it, worked fine, but realised i hadn't adjusted quite enough and needed to give it a couple more twists. only now... that doesn't work.

the allen key was the right size, and there was no fighting against the bridge to try and force it round or anything, so i can't figure out how it could have worn down that quickly, but i just can't seem to adjust the bridge anymore and now i've got one side way too high up and it means that if i put that little bridge-cover that jaguars come with over the bridge, i get mad string rattle on those lower strings and it doesn't sustain.

has anyone ever had similar problems? any advice? i don't wanna go fork out £50 or whatever to get it seen to by a pro only to find that i was just being an idiot and coulda done it myself, specially given that i'm moving to a new flat at the end of the month and am keeping all the cash i can... but i really wanna play my jag again!