Basically, I'm trying to learn more advanced concepts for writing chord progressions. I thought, "hey, more chords, more creativity right?" So I picked up this dvd (click me!)

I pop the dvd in and, wouldnt you know it, the stuff he's talking about is just too advanced for me

Can i get some suggestions for a book or another dvd that will help me understand the stuff he's talking about? It's funny cus I really am one of those pentatonic and power chord types
Well you are in UG. So you could always ask some of your questions here. Google is nice too. Sucks you dropped money on something you cant use yet. Ive done the same on a few books.
You've got a long road ahead of you. I did the same thing years ago with the Jeff Loomis Rock House Method DVD. I then realized I needed to learn scales, sweep picking, and fix my poor posture. I turned to youtube for instruction, but that is a slow and frustrating path. If you can afford it, get some lessons. Even is they are just online lessons over skype, a good instructor will tell you what to work on, the efficient way to learn it(because some methods are better than others), and when you're ready to move onto the next thing.

I didn't do any of that, and it was a rough journey. Also, those Rock House Method DVDs are crap. I definitely would recommend the Andy James Lick Library DVDs over those.
Pentatonics and power chords... Yeah, you've got a bit of learning to do. Any chance you can take lessons? If not, I'm going to have to agree that the internet is going to be your best source of learning, although that isn't always the easiest way - you have to stay motivated.