Alright, so you guys I have kind of a problem.
I have been playing guitar for almost two years now, and I've been in a few bands. We can always write some sweet music that I really like, but we always run into the same problem:
Where I live, there are no gigs. Like, there are, but they seem to either be way too intense (ie. playing in front of like several hundred people) or they are really dumb, as in open mic nights. Right now I am not in a band, but would like to start one. I feel really discouraged as a musician when I hear about all these guys on UG that play gigs and stuff, but I have only played one real gig.
Any tips?
I live in Southern Oregon (Medford-Ashland area)
I play indie rock

A lot of the problem is that most of the bands around here are into this nu-metal. I absolutely hate the stuff, it sounds completely unmusical in every way. Hopefully when I get in to college I will be able to hook up with a good band that can help me fill out all my songs
If you feel to proud to play on an open mic night you don't deserve to play for hundreds...

I've played for 5 people, 50 people and something 400 and I can tell you that it's quality over quantity. Better 10 enthousiast listeners than 1000 people who don't care at all...
Even if you don't like the other local bands' music, make friends with them, I'm sure they're great people.

Network with them on Facebook. Ask them how they get gigs. Promoters love to end shows with indie/acoustic bands(at least around here they do).

Good luck to you.