i just found this online and it is the one thing i really wish i had on my amp. only problem is, i am not tech savvy in the least when it comes to this sort of thing.


how easy would this be for me to do or, is this something that i can have either someone who is tech savvy or just have guitarcenter do it?

what could i expect this to cost and/or what would i need to do it myself?
any guitarcenter I have ever been to does not do amp repairs in house. They have a 2nd party do the work and then add a percentage on to it for them.

Find a TV repair shop that has been in business for years, they all used to be tube back in the day
I bet they can help you better than GC and probably cheaper also.
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Yeah, no way would a guitar center be able to pull that off. Probably need to take it to an amp tech somewhere, and expect it to be quite a bit, there's a lot going on there.
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