I find here as well as another forum *cough 7 strings* there is a crude amount of hate for these guitars..

Many are brand biased i understand but many of those dont realize that the korean shcecters are the same exact plant that the korean ltds come from. same people pressin the buttons to produce them

I myself have owned 3 schecters mind you they are all upper end neck through axes but for their [rice they are exeptional. great woods great fit and finish and they play quite well for what they are.

Just wondering what the bad look on them is?

forgive me if this is an out of line thread. direct it where it needs to be (mods) if it is
Could be a backlash because of previous fanboyism, perhaps envy from the 2 pounds of Abalone used in most of their models, or regurgitation of what they've read, or they want to be accepted by the cooler kids, etc.

I hate Schecter because not all of the models have the coil tap.