Hey there.
I'm pretty new to the forum so be nice

I've got a Carlsbro Colt 65 B bass amplifier and I'm looking at selling it. The only problem is that I have NOOO idea how much it is worth.
I've scoured the internet for hours looking for others who are selling the same amp but literally cannot find anything.

Please please please help?
Just need to know the rough amount that these amps are selling for so I can start trying to shift it.

If it is from the Carlsbro amplifier company I am thinking of, you might have to narrow down when it was made. Carlsbro amplifiers were made in England way back in the day, but I don't know where they are made now. The Colt series is still in production, but it is by no means an expensive line of amplifiers. I'd be surprised if you could get US$100.00 for a 60-watt Colt bass amp. But one never knows...

Good luck!
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I didnt expect it to be worth much. It was given me as a gift anyway so any value will be profit for me haha it says on the back it was made in Notts, England with a phone number that apparently doesnt exist anymore. So confusing lol

Thanks for the reply dude!
looks like the last one sold in 2011 was 47bucks --- so if you are thinking it's worth 100? perhaps to someone it is...I dunno.

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Where was this sold from? As in what website?

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