Do any of you guys own this guitar?

How do you like it for Metal? I'm probably going to go to my local music shop and see if they have any in stock there.

Thanks in advance
I've never tried one, but I've heard they're not the greatest guitars.

Make sure you go to the store and try one first, and if you decide to buy it give it a good look over and buy the one you tried, not one from the back of the store.
The gear:

Carvin Bolt Classic
PRS SE Singlecut
Agile AL-1900
Peavey Vypyr 2
They are not as bad as people say, in UG if it aint a Gibson or usa or Japan built they think its garbage.

Its like any guitar,play a few if you can and buy the one that feels good,plays good. Look it over real good. Like where stuff fits together. Look for stripped screws and stuff that does not line up. If it plays crappy or looks like total dung dont buy it. Hell I have laughed out loud at some Gibsons I have seen and for that matter I have seen some pos PRS guitars too.

The EMGs are good for metal and the ones in mine worked well for down tuning. But I prefer passives so I put some Bare knuckle holy divers in my Star. I actually bought it knowing I was replacing the EMGs.
What the hell!!!
^ what he says is true but you should definitely take care with the desolation series, they do have very poor QC. I know from experience on that one!

Apparently a few of them do turn out good so go have a look and if you find a good one then it could be worth going for. Definitely do not buy blind on these though as the poor QC could (and probably will) bite you in the arse like it did me.