How's the distortion on this amp? Can it get sounding real heavy?

I know Fender makes quality products, but heavy and in your face isn't the first thing I think when I hear the name.

Does anyone own one of these or used to own one? I'm really considering buying one, but I want opinions from you guys first.
i am not a fan of the frontman amps. they are an alright practice amp. these are some of fender's lowest quality amps, they are designed for beginners. i would prefer a mustang to tell truth.

if you wanna hear what they sound like, then go to youtube and search for videos, there are like a million on the 25r.
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Not a good buy, considering you can get a Vypyr 15 for the same price, or a Vypyr 30 for $100 more, and either one of them will give the sound you're after 1000x better than a Frontman.

While the Frontman has the distortion for metal, it's icepicky as shit, shrill, and you'll be struggling to get good sounds. I know from experience, as I own its precedor which is supposed to sound better (Stage 100).

Even better, fill this out: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1387138
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I have one. There is absolutely zero note definition or a tight low end for high gain. do not buy it if that's what you're lookin to play.

but if you play jazz and blues it's hands down the best practice amp to buy. I don't find anything about mine shrill or icepicky, it's quite dynamic and warm actually. nothing compared to say a DRRI but still nice. the reverb is delicious as well, although like on most fender amps it's overkill past three
^Nothing too wrong with the cleans IMO, it's the distortion that has it's overly shrill quality that's impossible to get rid of. If you need drive it's not even good as a practice amp for that.